winter wedding

Wedding In a Winter Wonderland

Winter is a season which beckons the renewed hopes of the coming spring. Having your wedding day right in the heart of winter can be a truly magical experience, what with the muted glow of the snow around you, and the stark colors of green and red which go along with it.

You can take full advantage of the season by having your very own winter wonderland wedding. Incorporating the elements of winter into your wedding theme and decoration will surely result in an experience which is not only intimate, but truly unique.

Flowers are probably the first thing which comes to mind in planning for such an occasion. What’s a wedding without flowers? Although they can be quite pricey depending on the variety, versatile flowers such as roses or calla lilies are always great choices, since they are relatively affordable and readily available throughout the year.

If you are looking for an even more inexpensive alternative, poinsettias go well with the season, not to mention that they also come in various colors. Gardenias are appropriate centerpiece flowers; you can let blooms float around candles, in a bowl. If you want to emulate the colors of winter, try arranging hydrangeas and pomegranates, along with eucalyptus.

You’ll practically have no problems in looking for decorations, as they are widely available due to the coming of the holidays, and you can also get a hefty discount if you purchase them in bulk way ahead of the wedding day.


Among such decorations which never lose their appeal are candles; they are economical, and you can have them ordered in practically every shape and size to match the purpose. Since this is a winter-themed wedding, go for snowflake shapes, stars, or colorful candy canes, in scents such as pine, evergreen and mint.

You’ll also want to emulate the basic element of winter: snow and ice. For this purpose, glass and crystal ornaments would be the perfect accents to the theme. They absorb and play with the light; go with playful shapes, and hang them from just about anything which can use a little sparkle.

And if you really want a conversation piece that will survive the ceremony, stretch the limits by commissioning for an ice sculpture to greet the guests at the entrance! That’ll surely leave them awestruck for at least a few hours.

When choosing for colors to go along with your theme, go for those which either enhance or draw upon the energy of the environment. Accenting the arrangements with gold and silver trimmings, or providing a toned-down contrast with earth colors such as cocoa and sable brown will work equally well either way.

The rule of thumb is that complimenting colors provide the best dramatic results. Mix dark colors with lighter complimenting hues, such as maroon and lush pink, and you’ll provide the venue with colorful warmth which is fitting for the season.

Winter weddings are different from other themes since they evoke the symbol of the season, that of the underlying hope which lies beneath the slumbering snow, a prelude to the inevitable coming of fresh new beginnings. Usher in your new life together with your special someone in gaiety and pleasant expectation, with a wedding inspired by the season.