outdoor wedding

Outdoor Wedding Tips

The outdoors makes a great wedding ceremony and reception venue. The sun smiles on you as if in blessing. The leaves and flowers offer up their color to your special occasion. Your senses are soothed by the birds singing and twittering. The beauty of nature will mark your wedding day and make it truly memorable and worth savoring.

However, you will have to adjust your plans to nature, not the other way around. When you decide to hold a beach wedding, a garden wedding, a forest wedding, or a mountain wedding, you risk suffering nature’s displeasure. Your wedding may very well be ruined by bad weather. What do you do when best laid plans go awry?

Be Sure To Have a Back Up Plan

Being paranoid has its merits, and in outdoors wedding, it is absolutely called for. When you decide to hold your wedding outdoors, you have to have a firm back-up plan in case the sun ceases to shine and storm clouds gather in its place. You don’t want to remember your wedding day as a lesson in preparation cialis 10 mg filmtabletten preisvergleich. It’s better to learn the merits of preparation now before your special day is irrevocably ruined.

If you are planning to hold the wedding ceremony and reception on the hotel grounds, be sure to prepare a banquet room big enough to accommodate your guests in case it pours. The tables there should be as groomed and prepared as your outdoors setting.

If you are holding the wedding somewhere rustic that there’s no banquet room to accommodate your guests, be sure to erect a big and watertight tent nearby so that when bad weather comes, you and your guests can simply move into the tent.

Of course, make sure that your merchants, especially your caterer, also have their own back up plans. Your service providers should be brought to the venue and told about your back-up venue before the wedding so that they can devise their own accordingly.

Be Appropriately Made Up and Attired

Even if the weather cooperates with your wedding plans, you still have to dress appropriately if you are planning an outdoors wedding. First off, you should choose a wedding gown that is made of light and cool materials so that you glow, not sweat, in your wedding.

You should think about your train or if you’re going to even use a long one. Grass or mud can stain your wedding gown train if you’re not careful. You should also not use too much shimmer on your face for the glare of the sun can give you a metallic look on your wedding photos.