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Getting Married in Spain 

10 Tips to Planning Your Ideal Wedding In Spain

weddings spain

Spain is growing as a destination for weddings and wedding blessings, with hundreds of couples tying the knot each year.   Reliably sunny weather, a beautiful backdrop of palm trees, mountains and beaches, and an affordable budget are all attractions.

However, planning a wedding abroad can also have it’s difficulties.  Here, we offer some advice on how to have a beautiful Spanish wedding, and keeping your day running as smoothly as possible.

1/ Ask around.

Word of mouth is the best source for recommendations, so it makes sense to ask friends, colleagues and neighbours about their holidays in Spain.  Speak to as many people as possible, and ask about their experiences in the various areas of Spain they have been to.

2/ Get it in writing!

No matter how much you trust your supplier, you both need a record of what has been agreed upon.  Make sure your supplier is clear on what you will get for the price quoted.

Be specific about what you expect before and after your wedding, as well as on the day itself.   A written agreement will also serve as a reminder of what you will be paying, and help you to plan your budget.

3/ Ask an Expert

Planning a wedding in a foreign country can have added complications, but there are plenty of experienced people on hand to help with any problem you might have.   If you don’t speak good Spanish, be sure to find a translator that you can call upon to help you with paperwork, or suppliers.

Hiring a wedding planner is a good move, and will be well worth their fees through the time, stress and money that they can save you.  They will also be able to give you helpful information specific to the area that you are getting married in such as local fiestas, traditions, and regulations to consider when planning your wedding.

4/ Watch out for the heat.

Enjoy the great weather, but keep topping up on the sunscreen.  If you want to look nicely bronzed for your big day, slow and steady will give you a nice even colour without the sore peeling patches.  Drink plenty of water and avoid too much alcohol.  Dehydration can leave you feeling tired, irritable and ill.

5/ Incorporate Local Flair!

Choose to add a Spanish feel to your celebrations.  Hire Flamenco dancers to perform at your reception and treat your guests to this uniquely Spanish entertainment. Forget sugared almonds; give world-famous Valor chocolates as favours.  Or how about serving mini tapas to your guests as they arrive at the reception?

6/ Help Your Guests

If many of your guests will be travelling to Spain for your wedding, make this a little easier for them by including information about flights, hotels and car hire with their invitation.

7/  Insurance

No one likes to think of anything going wrong on their big day, but things such as weather, illness or accidents can put a kink in your plans.  Wedding insurance is affordable, and can cover all aspects of your wedding.   Whether your luggage goes missing, your dress gets damaged, or your outdoor reception is rained off, wedding insurance can help you replace items, or recover a financial loss.

8/  Think ahead

A little planning goes a long way.  Getting married in Spaincan take a lot longer to prepare than if you were in the UK.  Paperwork can take months to be approved, so it is important not to rush into booking hotels and suppliers.  You should also think about what times of the year most of your guests will be able to take time off, and let people know in enough time for them to book their holidays.

9/ Be Flexible

You should remember that options that you had thought about for a UK wedding may not be possible or practical in Spain.  Heat, siesta times, local fiestas and laws, and many other factors can all affect your plans, and it is a good idea to learn to take a deep breath and understand that going to ‘Plan B’ is not the end of the world.

10/ Relax!

With so many details to consider, it is easy to get stressed.   Take some time out to get pampered, delegate tasks to your bridesmaids or wedding planner, and above all, enjoy your special day.

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